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The ramblings that appear when I'm driven to write what's in my head, rather than what's in someone else's.

What can I DO?

I ran across this article, and it made me think.

What do you do with thoughts these days? Blog them. Post them. God forbid we just think them.

So, what can I DO?

1. Ice skate

2. Crochet

3. Quilt

4. Change my oil

5. Balance a checkbook (in theory)

6. Make people laugh

7. Stay sober when everyone else gets drunk

8. Teach my kids to ride a bike

9. Ride a horse

10. Open and close a gate (if you aren’t familiar with wire loops, this isn’t so impressive)

11. Rope things that are standing still

12. Cook

13. Install hardwood flooring

14. Lay tile

15. Refinish furniture

16. Speak publicly

17. Write

18. Grow a garden

19. Can fruit, vegetables and meat

20. Make jam, jelly, salsa

21. French braid

22. Pull a calf

23. Eat with chopsticks

24. Apply basic first aid

25. Catch, cook and clean a fish

26. Shoot a deer

27. Ski (kind of)

28. Sit in a skirt

29. Walk in high heels

30. Take reasonably decent photos

31. Use a chainsaw

32. Fix/build fence

33. Build a fire

34. Drive a stick shift




Now, what do I want to do?

1. Grow a rosebush

2. Finish a quilt

3. Get my kids to obey

4. Write a short story

5. Make a skirt

6. Be able to run a mile (well, I want to BE ABLE to do this, but do I really WANT to do it?)




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